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If it helps someone…I’ll do it.

About Us

What We Do and Where We are Going

Our past and present activity is building an automated system that incorporates the similar and unique data found on applications for non-medical expenditure assistance from charities that offer non-medical expenditure assistance, making a “one-stop” application process for applicants with children undergoing pediatric oncology care, premature birth, or neo-natal illness facing long term health care treatment and extensive travel. Each advisor will meet with the prospective applicant at a location of their convenience to assist them with inputting all required data into the system, getting signatures , both electronically and manually, on appropriate documents; offering assistance with managing or being an intermediary for the applicant with charities or other organizations receiving benefits on behalf of the applicant. Future proposed activities will include assistance with coordinating meal services with charities, businesses and religious organizations; assisting applicants with understanding and reviewing insurance claims and benefits; assisting with the application process for medical assistance through charities, businesses and religious organizations; assisting with the planning process for funerals, assisting with setting up crowdfunding campaigns; assisting with transportation arrangements and the application process for fiscal assistance with transportation through charities, businesses and religious organizations. All activities will be conducted at our office(s) in Pflugerville, Texas, the applicants home, at area hospitals or whatever location the applicant deems as reasonable and most convenient to their situation. All current funding is received through private donations and fund raising activities, while future additional funding is anticipated to expand through government and private grants and donations from businesses and religious organizations. Our ultimate goal is to create a process and relationship with applicants to help streamline applications processes, saving time and giving them more exposure to charities and assistance than by individual effort. Our company is known as the Tyler J. Moore Network, but may also be known as the TJ Moore Network, TJM Network, or TJMN.


The mission of the Tyler J. Moore Network is to —

  • Facilitate the comprehensive, coordinated, and responsive provision of services to those in need
  • Maximize technology and resources, adapt to unique situational requirements, eliminate duplication in service delivery, and measure service effectiveness

Core Values

The Core values of the Tyler J. Moore Network are –

  • Treating ALL people with respect.
  • Building relationships with those whom we serve
  • Ever seeking more resources and avenues to assist others
  • Being good stewards of resources and in exercising frugality
  • Maintaining transparency in operations and intent


If it helps someone…I’ll do it.

Who We Are

Board of Directors:

  • John W. Moore IV
  • Bryan A. Bootka
  • Janice S. Madden

Advisory Committee members (Alphabetically listed)

  • Samantha Andrews
  • John Darby
  • Debra Damman
  • Jared Damman
  • Steve Damman
  • Erik Felde
  • Dr. Janet Kinney
  • Nancy Moore
  • Lorena Moore

Other Contributing consultants (Alphabetically listed)

  • Lional Aguilar
  • Connie Bernard
  • David Bernard
  • John Bottoms
  • Chad Goble
  • Chris Hodges
  • Chrissy Long
  • Melissa Lutrick
  • Cory Reckeweg
  • Rich Riddle
  • Anthony Roberts - Rocketpunch Labs
  • Greg Shigemasa
  • Barry Silverberg
  • Seth Simmons